Starting a diary

Okay, let’s do this.

The Idea of starting to write in some form has been simmering in my head for a while now. Mainly because I believe it will help me structure my thoughts. Additionally being able to look back at some things that I learned, found interesting, or deemed important in the past is probably going to be cool. Doing this publicly will help a little to stay committed. If you can find any value in what I am writing, even better 🙂

A little context about myself: my name is Salif. 32 years old. Born and raised in Germany with roots in Senegal. I am living in Cologne with my beautiful wife and my one-year-old daughter.

Professionally I am in the middle of transitioning from the corporate world into self-employment. As you might have seen on my homepage, I am working in the digital space. Up until this point I have worked in corporate contexts for 8 years. There are several reasons why I decided to leave that ship and try out the entrepreneurial route. Ultimately it aligns better with my idea of success in life.
To do interesting work from wherever I want. To be financially independent. To be in control over my time.

So how to get there? Currently, I am splitting my work time between these 3 things:
Learn & earn in freelance jobs
Grow my clothing brand
Start a software company

One thing that connects all three of them and that makes all of them exciting for me is that I learn something new pretty much every day. Hence the name of this diary.

In this series, you can expect to find some of the things that I learned along the way. Why they were relevant (or not) and general insights on what questions, problems, and ideas will come my way.

P.S. Took me way to long to write this text and I deleted probably 50% of it before I was okay posting it. I hope that’ll get smoother over time 🥲